About the project

The Marine Observatory of Esposende aims to create a monitoring and information system of the marine biodiversity of the Northern Littoral Natural Park, the main objective will be the regular provision of information on the state of biodiversity, thus providing tools to the management and technical-political decision focused on the extension and management of the Natura 2000 Network in the marine environment. Also the support for the international reporting of the condition of national biodiversity, as well as the dissemination of scientifically supported information with the whole community . Although developed as a regional program, it will address challenges of a clear national scope. The updating of information and the filling of relevant knowledge gaps in the natural heritage (species, mapping of habitats and ecosystems and their services), their integration into an information system are an essential support to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of protection measures and management, and to define additional measures and instruments to be adopted.


OMARE website presentation

© Município de Esposende / Nov 15 2017

1st aerial survey for intertidal habitat mapping

© OMARE / Nov 06 2017

1st plankton sampling campaign

© OMARE / Oct 23 2017