Placostegus tridentatus (Fabricius, 1779)

AphiaID: 131025


Animalia (Kingdom) > Annelida (Phylum) > Polychaeta (Class) > Sedentaria (Subclass) > Canalipalpata (Infraclass) > Sabellida (Order) > Serpulidae (Family)


Placostegus politus (Sars, 1851)
Placostegus serrulatus (Fleming, 1825)
Placostegus tricuspidatus (Sowerby, 1825)
Placostegus tricuspidatus annulifera Mörch, 1863
Placostegus tricuspidatus tubifera Mörch, 1863
Placostegus tridentatus pennata Mörch, 1863
Placostegus tridentatus serrulata Fleming, 1825
Plagostegus trydentatus (Fabricius, 1780)
Serpula (Placostegus) tricuspidata Sowerby, 1825
Serpula armata Milne Edwards, 1836
Serpula crystallina Scacchi, 1836
Serpula muricata Fleming, 1825
Serpula polita Sars, 1851
Serpula serrulata Fleming, 1825
Serpula tricuspidata Sowerby, 1825
Serpula tridentata Fabricius, 1779
Vermetus tridentatus Daudin, 1800
Vermilia serrulata Fleming, 1825

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