Mysta picta (Quatrefages, 1866)

AphiaID: 147026


Animalia (Kingdom) > Annelida (Phylum) > Polychaeta (Class) > Errantia (Subclass) > Phyllodocida (Order) > Phyllodociformia (Suborder) > Phyllodocidae (Family)


Eteone picta Quatrefages, 1866
Eteone (Mysta) picta (Quatrefages, 1866)
Eteone armata Claparède, 1868
Eteone armata neapolitana Czerniavsky, 1882
Eteone incisa Saint-Joseph, 1888
Eteone picta Quatrefages, 1866
Eteone striata Bobretzky, 1868
Eteone striata sevastopolica Czerniavsky, 1882

International References

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