Ceramium virgatum Roth, 1797

AphiaID: 178915


Plantae (Kingdom) > Biliphyta (Sub kingdom) > Rhodophyta (Phylum) > Eurhodophytina (Subdivision) > Florideophyceae (Class) > Rhodymeniophycidae (Subclass) > Ceramiales (Order) > Ceramiineae (Suborder) > Ceramiaceae (Family)

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Boryna nodulosa (Lightfoot) Grateloup
Ceramium flabelliferum Kützing
Ceramium nobile J.Agardh, 1894
Ceramium nodulosum (Lightfoot) Ducluzeau, 1806
Ceramium pedicellatum J.Agardh, 1894
Ceramium polymorphum (Linnaeus) De Candolle, 1805
Ceramium repens Zanardini, 1847
Ceramium rubrum C.Agardh, 1811
Ceramium rubrum f. balticum Petersen, 1908
Ceramium rubrum f. divaricatum Petersen, 1908
Ceramium rubrum f. irregularis-subcorticatum Petersen, 1908
Ceramium rubrum f. modificatum Petersen, 1908
Ceramium rubrum f. proliferum (C.Agardh) Kjellman, 1883
Ceramium rubrum f. subtypicum Petersen, 1908
Ceramium rubrum var. liebetruthii Grunow, 1844
Ceramium rubrum var. pallens C.Agardh, 1811
Ceramium rubrum var. proliferum C.Agardh, 1824
Ceramium rubrum var. pygmaeum Sonder, 1848
Ceramium villosum Kützing, 1849
Conferva nodulosa Lightfoot, 1777
Conferva polymorpha Linnaeus, 1753
Conferva rubra Hudson, 1762
Polysiphonia polymorpha (Linnaeus) Duby, 1830
Ulva confervoides Linnaeus, 1753

International References

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