Ulva clathrata (Roth) C.Agardh, 1811

AphiaID: 156078


Plantae (Kingdom) > Viridiplantae (Sub kingdom) > Chlorophyta (Phylum) > Chlorophytina (Subdivision) > Ulvophyceae (Class) > Ulvales (Order) > Ulvaceae (Family)

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Enteromorpha clathrata (Roth) Greville, 1830
Conferva clathrata Roth, 1806
Conferva crinita Roth, 1797
Enteromorpha clathrata (Roth) Greville, 1830
Enteromorpha clathrata f. gracilis (Le Jolis) V.J.Chapman, 1937
Enteromorpha clathrata f. linkiana (Greville) V.J.Chapman, 1937
Enteromorpha clathrata var. crinita (Nees) Hauck, 1884
Enteromorpha clathrata var. gracilis (Le Jolis) Batters, 1902
Enteromorpha clathrata var. linkiana (Greville) Areschoug, 1850
Enteromorpha clathrata var. mucosa P.L.Crouan & H.M.Crouan, 1852
Enteromorpha clathrata var. prostrata (Le Jolis) Batters, 1890
Enteromorpha clathrata var. ramulosa (J.E.Smith) Rabenhorst, 1847
Enteromorpha clathrata var. uncinata (Lyngbye) Greville, 1830
Enteromorpha complanata var. crinita (Nees) Kützing, 1845
Enteromorpha crinita Nees, 1820
Enteromorpha gelatinosa Kützing, 1849
Enteromorpha gelatinosae Kützing
Enteromorpha muscoides (Clemente) Cremades, 1990
Enteromorpha paradoxa var. tenuissima Kützing
Enteromorpha prolifera var. crinita (Nees) V.J.Chapman, 1956
Enteromorpha ramulosa (Smith) Carmichael, 1833
Enteromorpha ramulosa f. minima Schiffner, 1933
Enteromorpha ramulosa var. robusta Hauck
Enteromorpha ramulosa var. spinosa Kützing, 1845
Enteromorpha ramulosa var. tenerrima Schiffner, 1931
Enteromorpha spinescens Kützing, 1856
Enteromorpha welwitschii J.Agardh, 1883
Enteronia clathrata (Roth) Chevallier, 1836
Enteronia rigidula Chevallier, 1836
Scytosiphon clathratus var. uncinatus Lyngbye
Ulva clathrata f. gracilis Le Jolis, 1863
Ulva clathrata f. prostrata Le Jolis, 1863
Ulva linkiana (Greville) Trevisan, 1842
Ulva muscoides Clemente, 1807
Ulva ramulosa Smith, 1810
Zignoa ramulosa (J.E.Smith) Trevisan, 1842
Zignoa ramulosa (J.E.Smith) Trevisan, 1842

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new combination reference Agardh, C.A. (1811). Dispositio algarum Sueciae, quam publico examini subjiciunt Carl Adolph Agardh. Part II. Lund. Sweden. [details]

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