Troschelia berniciensis (W. King, 1846)

AphiaID: 138930


Animalia (Kingdom) > Mollusca (Phylum) > Gastropoda (Class) > Caenogastropoda (Subclass) > Neogastropoda (Order) > Buccinoidea (Superfamily) > Buccinidae (Family)

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Boreofusus berniciensis (King, 1846)
Boreofusus berniciensis var. solida Sars G.O., 1878
Fusus amblyterus R. B. Watson, 1886
Fusus berniciensis W. King, 1846
Fusus berniciensis var. elegans Jeffreys, 1867
Fusus berniciensis var. inflata Jeffreys, 1877
Neptunea aquitanica Locard, 1897
Neptunea berniciensis (W. King, 1846)
Neptunea berniciensis var. carinata Locard, 1897
Neptunia aquitanica Locard, 1897
Neptunia berniciensis (W. King, 1846)
Neptunia berniciensis var. carinata Locard, 1897
Neptunia berniciensis var. elongata Locard, 1897
Neptunia berniciensis var. major Locard, 1897
Neptunia berniciensis var. minor Locard, 1897
Neptunia berniciensis var. ventricosa Locard, 1897

International References

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