Serratina serrata (Brocchi, 1814)

AphiaID: 605899


Animalia (Kingdom) > Mollusca (Phylum) > Bivalvia (Class) > Autobranchia (Subclass) > Heteroconchia (Infraclass) > Imparidentia (Super order) > Cardiida (Order) > Tellinoidea (Superfamily) > Tellinidae (Family)

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Quadrans serratus (Brocchi, 1814)
Tellina (Serratina) serrata Brocchi, 1814
Tellina brocchii Cantraine, 1835
Tellina denticulata Brusina, 1870
Tellina serrata Brocchi, 1814

International References

basis of record Huber, M.; Langleit, A.; Kreipl, K. (2015). Tellinidae. In: M. Huber, Compendium of bivalves 2. Harxheim: ConchBooks. 907 pp. [details]

identification resource Cosel R. von & Gofas S. (2019). Marine bivalves of tropical West Africa: from Rio de Oro to southern Angola. Faune et Flore Tropicales. 48: 1-1104. [details]

Last update: 19 Jul. 2019
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