Rhinobatos rhinobatos (Linnaeus, 1758)

AphiaID: 105898

Common guitarfish

Animalia (Kingdom) > Chordata (Phylum) > Vertebrata (Subphylum) > Gnathostomata (Superclass) > Pisces (Superclass-2) > Elasmobranchii (Class) > Neoselachii (Subclass) > Batoidea (Infraclass) > Rajiformes (Order) > Rhinobatidae (Family)


Leiobatus panduratus Rafinesque, 1810
Raia columnae Blainville, 1816
Raja rhinobatos Linnaeus, 1758
Rhinobatis duhameli Blainville, 1825
Rhinobatus columnae Bonaparte, 1836
Rhinobatus duhameli Blainville, 1825
Rhinobatus rhinobatus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Squatinoraja colonna Nardo, 1824

International References

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