Protula tubularia (Montagu, 1803)

AphiaID: 131035


Animalia (Kingdom) > Annelida (Phylum) > Polychaeta (Class) > Sedentaria (Subclass) > Canalipalpata (Infraclass) > Sabellida (Order) > Serpulidae (Family)


Protula (Protula) tubularia (Montagu, 1803)
Protula (Protula) tuburalia (Montagu, 1803)
Protula (Psygmobranchus) protensa not Gmelin, Philippi, 1844
Protula (Psygmobranchus) tubularia (Montagu, 1803)
Protula borealis M. Sars, 1866
Protula capensis McIntosh, 1885
Protula elegans Milne Edwards, 1845
Protula meilhaci Soulier, 1908
Protula protensa (not Gmelin, 1791) sensu Philippi, 1844
Protula rudolphi Risso, 1826
Protula tabularia (Montagu, 1803)
Protula tubularia capensis McIntosh, 1885
Protula tubularia tubularia (Montagu, 1803)
Psygmobranchus elegans (Milne Edwards, 1845)
Psygmobranchus intermedius Marion, 1875
Psygmobranchus pratensis (Gmelin, 1791)
Psygmobranchus protensus not Gmelin, sensu Philippi, 1844
Psygmobranchus simplex Quatrefages, 1866
Psygmobranchus tubularis (Montagu, 1803)
Serpula arundo W. Turton, 1819
Serpula tubularia Montagu, 1803

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