Notoplana atomata (Müller OF, 1776)

AphiaID: 152414


Animalia (Kingdom) > Platyhelminthes (Phylum) > Rhabditophora (Subphylum) > Rhabditophora (Class) > Trepaxonemata (Subclass) > Polycladida (Order) > Acotylea (Suborder) > Leptoplanoidea (Superfamily) > Notoplanidae (Family)

Conservation status and major threats


Leptoplana angusta Pearse, 1938
Leptoplana atomata (Müller OF, 1776)
Leptoplana droebachensis Ørsted, 1845
Leptoplana drowbachensis Hyman, 1940
Leptoplana ellipsoides Verrill, 1893
Leptoplana fallax (Quatrefage, 1845)
Leptoplana variabilis (Girard, 1850)
Leptoplana virilis Verrill, 1893
Notoplana atomata (Müller OF, 1776)
Notoplana fallax (Quatrefage, 1845)
Notoplana virilis (Verrill, 1893)
Planaria atomata Müller, 1776
Planaria atomata Delle Chiaje, 1841

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