Phorbas plumosus (Montagu, 1814)

AphiaID: 133688


Animalia (Kingdom) > Porifera (Phylum) > Demospongiae (Class) > Heteroscleromorpha (Subclass) > Poecilosclerida (Order) > Hymedesmiidae (Family)


Clathria (Microciona) fraudator (Bowerbank, 1874)
Clathria (Microciona) kentii (Bowerbank, 1874)
Grayax plumosa (Montagu, 1814)
Halichondria plumosa (Montagu, 1814)
Hymeniacidon plumosa (Montagu, 1814)
Microciona carnosa Bowerbank, 1862
Microciona fraudator Bowerbank, 1867
Microciona kentii Bowerbank, 1874
Microciona plumosa (Montagu, 1814)
Myxilla plumosa (Montagu, 1814)
Plumohalichondria plumosa (Montagu, 1814)
Pronax plumosa (Montagu, 1814)
Pronaxella plumosa (Montagu, 1814)
Spongia plumosa Montagu, 1814
Stylostichon plumosum (Montagu, 1814)

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