Pennaria disticha Goldfuss, 1820

AphiaID: 117802

feathered hydroid

Animalia (Kingdom) > Cnidaria (Phylum) > Hydrozoa (Class) > Hydroidolina (Subclass) > Anthoathecata (Order) > Capitata (Suborder) > Pennariidae (Family)

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Conservation status and major threats


Amalthaea amoebigera Hackel, 1879
Corydendrium splendidum Boone, 1938
Eucoryne elegans Leidy, 1855
Euphysa globator Leuckart, 1856
Globiceps tiarella Ayres, 1854
Halocordyle cooperi Warren, 1906
Halocordyle disticha (Goldfuss, 1820)
Halocordyle disticha var. australis
Halocordyle fragilis Vannucci, 1951
Pennaria adamsia von Lendenfeld, 1885
Pennaria australis Bale, 1884
Pennaria caulini Delle Chiaje, 1841
Pennaria gibbosa L. Agassiz, 1860
Pennaria inornata Brooks, 1883
Pennaria pacifica Clarke, 1907
Pennaria rosea von Lendenfeld, 1885
Pennaria symmetrica Clarke, 1879
Pennaria tiarella (Ayres, 1854)

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