Nototropis falcatus (Metzger, 1871)

AphiaID: 102139


Animalia (Kingdom) > Arthropoda (Phylum) > Crustacea (Subphylum) > Multicrustacea (Superclass) > Malacostraca (Class) > Eumalacostraca (Subclass) > Peracarida (Super order) > Amphipoda (Order) > Amphilochidea (Suborder) > Lysianassida (Infraorder) > Synopiidira (Parvorder) > Dexaminoidea (Superfamily) > Atylidae (Family)

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Atylus falcatus Metzger, 1871
Atylus uncinatus G.O. Sars, 1883
Neotropis falcatus
Paratylus unciatus Sars, 1883

International References

basis of record Bellan-Santini, D.; Costello, M.J. (2001). Amphipoda. in: Costello, M.J. et al. (Ed.) (2001). European register of marine species: a check-list of the marine species in Europe and a bibliography of guides to their identification. Collection Patrimoines Naturels 50: pp. 295-308. [details]

source of synonymy Dauvin, J.-C. (1999). Mise a jour de la liste des espèces d’Amphipodes (Crustacea: Peracarida) présents en Manche [An up-to-date list of the amphipods (Crustacea: Peracarida) from the English Channel]. Cah. Biol. Mar. 40(2): 165-183 [details]

original description Metzger, A., (1871). Die wirbellosen Meeresthiere der ostfriesischen Küste. Ein Beitrag zur Fauna der deutschen Nordsee. Jber. naturh. Ges. Hannover 20 : 22-36. [details]

context source (Schelde) Vanosmael, C. (1977). Studie van het macrobenthos ter hoogte van de monding van de Westerschelde en de Belgische kust. MSc Thesis. Rijksuniversiteit Gent, Faculteit der Wetenschappen: Gent. 70 pp. [details]

source of synonymy Dauvin, J. C. (1999). Mise à jour de la liste des espèces d’Amphipodes (Crustacea : Peracarida) présents en Manche. Cahiers de Biologie Marine. 40(2): 165-183. [details]

context source (BeRMS 2020) Bio-environmental research group; Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries research (ILVO), Belgium; (2015): Macrobenthos monitoring in function of the Water Framework Directive in the period 2007-2009. [details]

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