Notoscopelus elongatus (Costa, 1844)

AphiaID: 158915


Animalia (Kingdom) > Chordata (Phylum) > Vertebrata (Subphylum) > Gnathostomata (Superclass) > Pisces (Superclass-2) > Actinopterygii (Class) > Myctophiformes (Order) > Myctophidae (Family)


Lampanyctus elongatus (Costa, 1844)
Myctophum elongatum (Costa, 1844)
Myctophum elongatus (Costa, 1844)
Notoscopelus (Notoscopelus) elongatus (Costa, 1844)
Scopelus elongatus Costa, 1844
Scopelus pseudocrocodilus Moreau, 1891

International References

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