Leodice harassii (Audouin & Milne Edwards, 1833)

AphiaID: 742170


Animalia (Kingdom) > Annelida (Phylum) > Polychaeta (Class) > Errantia (Subclass) > Eunicida (Order) > Eunicidae (Family)


Eunice fasciata McIntosh, 1910
Eunice harassii Audouin & Milne Edwards, 1833
Eunice rissoi Quatrefages, 1866
Eunice rubrocincta Ehlers, 1868

International References

status source Zanol, J.; Halanych, K. M.; Fauchald, K. (2014). Reconciling taxonomy and phylogeny in the bristleworm family Eunicidae (polychaete, Annelida). Zoologica Scripta. 43(1), 79-100., available online at https://doi.org/10.1111/zsc.12034 [details]

Last update: 28 Oct. 2018
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