Grapsus grapsus (Linnaeus, 1758)

AphiaID: 422188

Sally lightfoot crab

Animalia (Kingdom) > Arthropoda (Phylum) > Crustacea (Subphylum) > Multicrustacea (Superclass) > Malacostraca (Class) > Eumalacostraca (Subclass) > Eucarida (Super order) > Decapoda (Order) > Pleocyemata (Suborder) > Brachyura (Infraorder) > Grapsoidea (Superfamily) > Grapsidae (Family)

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Cancer grapsus Linnaeus, 1758
Cancer jumpibus Swire, 1938
Grapsus altifrons Stimpson, 1860
Grapsus maculatus H. Milne Edwards, 1853
Grapsus ornatus H. Milne Edwards, 1853
Grapsus pictus Lamarck, 1801

International References

basis of record Felder, D. L., Álvarez. F.,Goy, J.W. & Lemaitre, R. (2009). Decapoda (Crustacea) of the Gulf of Mexico, with comments on the Amphionidacea,. Felder, D.L., and Camp, D.K. (eds), Gulf of Mexico – Origins, Waters, and Biota. Vol. 1. Biodiversity. Pp. 1019–1104 (Texas A&M University Press: College Station, Texas)., available online at [details]

Last update: 29 Oct. 2018
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