Clathria (Clathria) coralloides (Scopoli, 1772)

AphiaID: 133013


Animalia (Kingdom) > Porifera (Phylum) > Demospongiae (Class) > Heteroscleromorpha (Subclass) > Poecilosclerida (Order) > Microcionidae (Family)


Clathria coralloides (Scopoli, 1772)
Clathria coralloides var. ceratodes Vosmaer, 1880
Clathria coralloides var. mollis Vosmaer, 1880
Halichondria corona Lieberkühn, 1859
Spongia clathrus Esper, 1794
Spongia coralloides Scopoli, 1772

International References

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additional source Pestana, R.; Ribeiro, C.; Boury-Esnault, N.; Biscoito, M. (2018). Systematic account of new Porifera (Demospongiae) records from the oceanic Island of Madeira (NE Atlantic). Zootaxa. 4402(2): 395., available online at [details]

Last update: 16 May. 2020
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