Cereus pedunculatus (Pennant, 1777)

AphiaID: 100987

daisy anemone

Animalia (Kingdom) > Cnidaria (Phylum) > Anthozoa (Class) > Hexacorallia (Subclass) > Actiniaria (Order) > Enthemonae (Suborder) > Metridioidea (Superfamily) > Sagartiidae (Family)

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Identifying features

  • Tentacles short, numbering between 500 – 1000.
  • Column trumpet-shaped, up to 12 cm tall.
  • Large, prominent ‘suckers’ at top of column.
  • Oral disc usually 3-7 cm in diameter.

Conservation Status


Actinea bellis (Pennant, 1777)
Actinea johstoni
Actinea templetonii
Actinia (Isacmaea) brevicirrata
Actinia (Isacmaea) brevicirrhata Risso, 1826
Actinia bellis Ellis & Solander, 1786
Actinia bellis var. fusca
Actinia brevicirrhata Risso, 1826
Actinia johnstoni Cocks
Actinia pedunculata Pennant, 1777
Actinia templetonii Couch, 1844
Actinocereus pedunculata
Actinocereus pedunculatus
Cereus bellis
Cereus pedonculatus
Cereus pendunculatus
Cribrina (Polystemma) bellis Ehrenberg
Discosoma brevicirrhata
Haliactis bellis Ellis
Helaria bellis
Heliactis (Sagartia) bellis Ellis
Heliactis bellis Ellis
Helliactis bellis
Hormathia bellis (Forbes)
Hydra calyciflora Gaertner, 1762
Sagartia bellis (Ellis & Solander)
Sagartia troglodytes Gosse
Scyphia bellis (Ellis.)

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