Bursa scrobilator (Linnaeus, 1758)

AphiaID: 181015

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Animalia (Kingdom) > Mollusca (Phylum) > Gastropoda (Class) > Caenogastropoda (Subclass) > Littorinimorpha (Order) > Tonnoidea (Superfamily) > Bursidae (Family)

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Apollon quercina Mörch, 1853
Bufonaria pesleonis Schumacher, 1817
Bufonaria scrobiculator [sic]
Bufonaria scrobiculator var. minor Pallary, 1900
Bufonaria scrobiculatoria Locard, 1886
Bursa scrobiculator [sic]
Murex scrobilator Linnaeus, 1758
Ranella coriacea Reeve, 1844

International References

additional source Bernard, P.A. (Ed.) (1984). Coquillages du Gabon [Shells of Gabon]. Pierre A. Bernard: Libreville, Gabon. 140, 75 plates pp. [details]

basis of record Smriglio, C.; Furfaro, G.; Trillò, P.; Appolloni, M.; Mariottini, P. (2019). A review of the Atlantic-Mediterranean Bursa scrobilator (Linnaeus, 1758) species complex. Molluscan Research. 1-14., available online at https://doi.org/10.1080/13235818.2019.1600397 [details]

Last update: 19 Jul. 2019
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