Bugulina turbinata (Alder, 1857)

AphiaID: 834020

an erect bryozoan

Animalia (Kingdom) > Bryozoa (Phylum) > Gymnolaemata (Class) > Cheilostomatida (Order) > Flustrina (Suborder) > Buguloidea (Superfamily) > Bugulidae (Family)

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Bugula turbinata Alder, 1857

International References

new combination reference Fehlauer-Ale, Karin H., Winston, Judith E., Tilbrook, Kevin J., Nascimento, Karine B. & Vieira, Leandro M. (2015). Identifying monophyletic groups within Bugula sensu lato (Bryozoa, Buguloidea). Zoologica Scripta (online). [details]

Last update: 30 Oct. 2018
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