Acrocnida brachiata (Montagu, 1804)

AphiaID: 236130


Animalia (Kingdom) > Echinodermata (Phylum) > Asterozoa (Subphylum) > Ophiuroidea (Class) > Myophiuroidea (Subclass) > Metophiurida (Infraclass) > Ophintegrida (Super order) > Amphilepidida (Order) > Gnathophiurina (Suborder) > Gnathophiurina (Infraorder) > Amphiuroidea (Superfamily) > Amphiuridae (Family)

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Acrocnida brachiata suecica Gislén, 1926
Acrocnida neapolitana (M. Sars, 1857)
Amphiocnida brachiata (Montagu, 1804)
Amphiura (Acrocnida) brachiata (Montagu, 1804)
Amphiura brachiata (Montagu, 1804)
Amphiura neapolitana M. Sars, 1857
Asterias brachiata Montagu, 1804
Ophiocentrus brachiatus (Montagu, 1804)
Ophiocoma brachiata (Montagu, 1804)
Ophiura brachiata (Montagu, 1804)

International References

redescription Stöhr, S.; Muths, D. (2010). Morphological diagnosis of the two genetic lineages of Acrocnida brachiata (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) with description of a new species. Journal of the Marine Biology Association U.K. published online. 10., available online at [details]

new combination reference Gislén, T. 1926. On the generic types of the ophiurid genus Ophiocentrus Ljungman (Amphiocnida Verrill). Göteborgs Kungliga Vetenskaps- och Vitterhets-Samhälles Handlingar. Fjärde Följden, 30(6), 1-16. [details]

additional source Dyntaxa. (2013). Swedish Taxonomic Database. Accessed at [15-01-2013]., available online at [details]

context source (BeRMS 2020) Bio-environmental research group; Institute of Agricultural and Fisheries research (ILVO), Belgium; (2015): Macrobenthos monitoring in function of the Water Framework Directive in the period 2007-2009. [details]

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