Acanthochitona fascicularis (Linnaeus, 1767)

AphiaID: 138677


Animalia (Kingdom) > Mollusca (Phylum) > Polyplacophora (Class) > Neoloricata (Subclass) > Chitonida (Order) > Acanthochitonina (Suborder) > Cryptoplacoidea (Superfamily) > Acanthochitonidae (Family)

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Acanthochites communis Risso, 1826
Acanthochites discrepans var. albina Dautzenberg & Durouchoux, 1900
Acanthochites discrepans var. violaceolimbata Dautzenberg & Durouchoux, 1906
Acanthochites hamatus Rochebrune, 1882
Acanthochiton communis (Risso, 1826)
Acanthochiton communis var. barashi Leloup, 1969
Acanthochiton discrepans var. angustivalva Bergenhayn, 1931
Acanthochiton fascicularis
Acanthochiton heterochaetus Bergenhayn, 1931
Acanthochitona communis (Risso, 1826)
Anisochiton discrepans var. elongata Dautzenberg, 1893
Anisochiton discrepans var. marmorata Dautzenberg, 1893
Anisochiton discrepans var. nigrolineata Dautzenberg, 1893
Chiton echinotus Blainville, 1825
Chiton fascicularis Linnaeus, 1767
Chiton fascicularis var. major Philippi, 1836
Chiton fascicularis var. rubra Issel, 1870
Chiton fascicularis var. major Philippi, 1836
Chiton fascicularis var. rubra Issel, 1870
Chiton fascicularis var. rubra Issel, 1870
Chiton fascicularis var. rubra Issel, 1870

International References

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