(L.) Ehrend. & Y.P.Guo

AphiaID: 1092666

cotton weed plant

Plantae (Kingdom) > Viridiplantae (Sub kingdom) > Streptophyta (Infrareino) > Tracheophyta (Phylum) > Spermatophytina (Subdivision) > Magnoliopsida (Class) > Asteranae (Super order) > Asterales (Order) > Compositae (Family)

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Athanasia maritima (L.) L.
Dicoma candidissima Desf.
Diotis candidissima Desf.
Diotis maritima (L.) Coss.
Diotis maritima (L.) Sm.
Diotis maritima (L.) Desf. ex Cass.
Filago maritima L.
Otanthus maritimus (L.) Hoffmanns. & Link
Otanthus maritimus subsp. maritimus (L.) Hoffmanns. & Link

International References

original description (2005). Willdenowia 35(1) [details]

Last update: 18 May. 2019
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